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728: Sorry Not Sorry


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Rod and Karen are joined by J-L Cauvin to discuss J-L’s latest podcast episode, Lebron James, the Jazz, Reddit couple subpena, Oldman apologizes, Michael Fux Farrari, Sorry ass women, EPA poop, North Korea tired of Rogen, Open Carry TX, KKK neighborhood watchman, gun range armed robbers, old lady purse thief, woman throws baby from car, dinner isn’t fast enough for a dude and sword ratchetness.Twitter: @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain @TBGWT @jlcauvin
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  1. nell210s

    Hey Rod and Karen
    I live in San Antonio. I love me some SPURS. When you said “The city made Tim Duncan impervious to any pressure.” I do agree but I will go one step further and say the whole team is impervious to pressure. When we went on a seven year drought without winning a championship the media in San Antonio was not bashing the team. The fans didn’t stop supporting the team. The 2013 season when we lost to Miami I swear no one criticized the team. We were heartbroken that we let a perfect opportunity slip. No one blamed one particular player for the lost. If the team was in a bigger market I’m sure they would have been the worst team on the planet… As for your comments about Coach Pop you said “We will never fire him.” That is true, but I can’t lie when he first became coach I tried to usher him to the door myself a few times. I remember many nights cursing at the TV because he would sit David Robinson on the bench and limit him to 25 minutes a game. Basketball fans that may not follow the Spurs think he recently started doing this. Naw, he been doing this from day one. The difference now is the team is older and he is sitting multiple players a night so it gets noticed more. He will let some of the younger players get some good quality time, because they need the time more than the veterans on the squad. Lastly, Rod your comment about the river water in San Antonio had me dyeing laughing. If anyone jumped into that water and happened to jump out ALIVE. I would be surprise. If someone did emerge from that disgusting water I would expect them to arise as a Ninja Turtle, or something like that. Anyway great episode as always. J-L did a great job too even though he threw some shade at my city I respect it. I’m going to get that ban lifted for him. PEACE!!!

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