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733: Other People’s Plates


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Rod and Karen discuss apologizing to Belgium, iPhone issues, Robin Thicke’s album, food by other women, NOW conference troll, Rick Santorum, Joe Morrisey, Adam Richman, Nanny from hell, Bey over Jay, Target and open carry, black GOP candidate in Florida, Beyonce voters, Zoe Saldana, fight over women’s rights, police sex substation, criminal gives wrong directions, woman cuts husband’s face and sword ratchetness.

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  1. da_ticklah

    saw an interview where Robin Thicke said he wrote most of the album in 2 weeks. Nigga we can tell

  2. nell210s

    Man I listened to that Robin Thicke album twice and I deleted the trash off my ipod. I’m so glad I didn’t pay for this album. Robin Thicke didn’t want Paula back and listening to y’all compare Robin and Lenny Williams just help further my belief. If Robin wants to learn how to put some emotion into a song. He need to watch Rod and Karen sing to Lenny Williams. Man they made me feel those lyrics in my soul. If you haven’t seen it. I recommend you go watch it. Also, I appreciate Karen convincing Rod to finish that Lenny track. Great show guys! Peace!!!

  3. HC

    Robin’s emotionless begging reminds me of going to Black history month programs with my parents when I was younger. Without fail, every year some soulless white choir would attempt to sing a negro spiritual. And instead of enjoying the music, you’re sitting there annoyed at why the hell “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” sounds so damn peppy and chipper. I’m sure people have made great begging songs without going through the pain personally. You gotta at least have some understanding of the emotions your music is attempting to create.

  4. PrinceLeron

    I fucked around and listened to that Robin Thicke album anyway. The album is so bad. That nigga needed to make a better album or cheated a whole lot less than he did.

  5. cowboyzfan2002

    Lenny by far! I’m listening to it right now.

  6. Mtalex

    I can hear Rod and Karen break down songs forever. Who do guys think is the best begger Lenny Williams or Keith Sweat lol Another great show guys keep up the great work-(Proud Premium Subscriber) Mike

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