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745: Fed Rx

FedEx Buyouts

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Rod and Karen discuss the Malaysian plane that was shot down, Jason Biggs makes a bad joke, Sherri Sheppard, prank on MSNBC, Tim McGraw slaps a fan, Fed Ex involved in drug shipments, Eric Garner, Kim K GPS, casting for NWA, brave racism, child support, Taco Bell shooting, pizza prank and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    I believe what really makes street harassment such a touchy topic complicated is that most guys participate in some level of street harassment that is acceptable to them. Also, women have different levels of street harassment that they find acceptable. For example. If i were to approach a woman with a smile, extend my hand, introduce myself and so-forth, some women consider that street harassment and some would consider it as the proper way to approach a woman. They’re both right. Guys just need to understand that they do not have control over any woman’s reaction. I think that all woman can agree that if they were always treated with the utmost respect in these situations, this wouldn’t be as big of a problem.

  2. Freezer

    PS. That should’ve been “read”, not “wrote”. (Me make mistake? That’s unpossible!)

  3. Freezer

    Great show as always, but I gotta push back a bit on your take on the MSNBC prank call. To me, the worst part isn’t that the guy got on air. Pranks callers find a way: I remember when Dan Patrick got pranked by Baba Booey pretending to be Steve Bartman. The worst part wasn’t even that the production crew left that guy on the line to answer a follow-up. (they don’t have a dump button at MSNBC?) To me, the worst part was that the host went ahead and wrote an obvious pre-scripted follow-up, making it sound like she was paying no attention to what the guy actually said. Either that or she stuck to the script because she had no idea what else to do (“Professionalism? What’s that?).

    The whole thing was a clucsterfuck, but that’s what stuck in my mind. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong and to STFU.

    That’s my two cents. Keep up the good work. All praise to our Caucasian Overlords and [insert Karen’s Voice slander here].

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