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766: Black On Black Crime

Catwa Fitz Black on Black

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Rod and Karen discuss Ferguson developments, Meek Mill, Penis collector, GOP dude has sex with incapacitated wife, cat traps owners, world star movie, GOP dude loses wife to another woman, black on black crime distraction, racist sororities, Facebook fire, bigamist, trailer park kids and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I hope you guys are doing well with all the craziness that’s happened the last two weeks. Rod, I’m glad your voice is back….but you gotta let Karen do the intro lyrics from time to time, she’s got flow and lyrics to go.

    To the serious stuff, I’ve been thinking for days about what comment to make on the Ferguson protests. One of the frustrating things I’ve noticed is the keyboard gangster. SO many people not in Ferguson have been “demanding” pictures and status check-ins from those who are on the ground. But if you’ve been following the right people, you know that the cops are busting heads if you get caught taking photos. Elon had a dispatch the other day where the cops were throwing tear gas at anything that moved, but folks the next morning were accusing him of not being in Ferguson because it was only an audio recording, not a video. And sure enough, we can argue now that the cause of the church being raided could have been due to people tweeting their location. The major frustration I’ve had these past couple weeks (outside of the terrible FPD handling of this case) is the amount of “decided ignorance” from all people (Black, White, whatever). I have the same internet access as everybody else and I’ve done my fair share of digging through rumors to find as much as I can about what happened that day in Ferguson. But when I check facebook or any other social media, you can clearly see that people have decided to not research anything, but still comment. I’ve had some of my Black friends call out for prayer, totally disregarding the fact that tanks were brought to the first prayer vigil after the shooting. I’ve seen White friends side with the “Mike Brown rushed the cop” argument, totally ignoring the fact that eyewitnesses said he had his hands up. This whole ordeal has shown me that even the stations I watch, like MSNBC, will choose to air images that further hurt a Black person and their family but will discuss the good traits of a guy who shot up an elementary school.

    I’ll stop rambling, I guess I had a lot on my mind. Besides the images of peaceful protests being met by tear gas and rubber bullets, I think the image of Elon during that Al Jazeera interview will stick with me for a while. His face I think displayed what many of us are thinking; why are we still dealing with this in 2014 and how many more years will it continue?

    Great show Rod and MC Karen, Peace.
    – Adrian (@ajtheengineer)

  2. Mr. Gundam

    Hi Karen and Rob,

    Wish I had something else to talk about. But GAH DAMN I left work early listening to karen sleep on J. Cole’s new song. This light-skin boy crying his heart out and karen like “you still wack”

    Is there an award for “I gives no Fcuk” on Tippies, cause karen won it all. If that Cheerios baby ask Karen for a bowl of fcuks on top of the fridge…. Karen wouldn’t gives no fcuks.

    This show the greatest,


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