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768: Changing The Subject


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Rod and Karen discuss Ferguson, Farrah Abraham, Macy’s settles, Kroger’s and open carry, War Machine knows how to party, helping bury the body, naked in bed with a 12 year old, lingerie run away bandit, calling 911 for pot, meth in the trunk and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    One question. How well do you have to know someone before you ask them to help you bury a body? I bet that nigga takes his phone in the bathroom when he takes a shower but wanted help with a felony. I need your Twitter&Facebook password, pin for you debit card(ebt card if thats how you living), and a set of nude pics before you can even ask me for help. And I would still say no.

  2. Soundztastee

    On a light note, that anaconda video! I think my jaw is still dropped.

  3. Kyle

    I don’t know if people are tired of hearing about Ferguson but I do know that the organizers down there are considering protesting less at night. The abuse from the police are taking a mental and physical toll on the protesters. I see people saying that their chest is starting to hurt from the teargas and that they jump when they hear loud noises.

    Also, I just wanted to say that Larry Elder was talking soooo fast! I thought the beat to rigamortus was going to start playing! That breath control was crazy! And Black Republicans are so smug too!

  4. lrjoiner

    What’s going on Rod and Karen. In addition to the content of that officer from Alabama’s (my home state unfortunately) letter f*cking with me, one thing that he conveniently neglected to mention with the Mike Brown situation is that there are mechanisms that have been implemented by several police officers across this country to specifically and equally protect both the officers and citizens during police encounters. For example, dashboard cameras have been put in to record police stops by car to protect both parties. Police protocol, such as when officers are to phone in backup or when officers should pursue certain suspects by foot or immediately reporting use of any weapon against civilians, are all mechanism that are available to ensure that police encounters go as well as possible for all parties. So for me, when you have these police encounter, where the officer completely neglects to use or follow that protocol, I just find it really difficult to trust the word of the cops. Because when protocol is followed, and we don’t have to spend so much time ascertaining the veracity of the cop’s word, we could just look at the facts. And in this situation, I’m certain that we’ll never get a strong hold on the facts, b/c the officers who had a chance to follow protocol and preserve these facts, for whatever reason, grossly neglected to do so. So to me, that’s a grave injustice in and of itself that should be punishable. Thanks as always! Peace!

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