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773: The Black Canseco Conspiracy


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Rod and Karen discuss and interesting Black Twitter coincidence, Blue Ivy hair joke gets a BET producer suspended, Hello Kitty ain’t a cat, Miley VMA date is a wanted man, Sophia Vergara was in on the joke, dating naked, cow killed, Diane Sawyer BJ rumor, Ferguson with black people, sex stabber, husband killer married wife killer, raccoon attack, sword ratchetness and an apology.

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  1. nell210s

    Man Rod I agree crop them protestors out the picture.I’m just saying I spent my hard earned money to travel to Philly you not stopping me from taking my photo… I can’t lie that dog urinating on the memorial site of Michael Brown made me heated inside. Damn police have no remorse. It is truly is sad!…..That lady that was attacked by a raccoon had me thinking. Imagine that call if she would have called 911.

    911 Operator: Hello 911 Operator what is your emergency

    Lady: I’m getting attacked by a coon

    911 Operator: Its ok to call them what they are.

    Lady: Help this coon just took off a piece of my arm.

    911 Operator: Those niggers I tell you! Help is on the way ma’am!

  2. @WakandasFinest

    I guess black canseco is the hero black twitter needs but not what it deserves?

  3. LeslieMac

    Another great show – I never even heard of Black Canseco before this, but I DEFINITELY have not like Toure for a while. My reason is a bit personal (& specific) as he actually skipped a taxi line at the Amtrak station in Washington DC right in front of me last year, which is the ultimate is douche-baggery (*new oxford dictionary word alert!).

    Regarding Miley’s about to NOT be jailed despite having an arrest warrant out on him and going on tv. homeless “friend” Jesse. Jesse mentions in his speech, “”I’ve been an extra in your movies, I’ve been an extra in your lives. Los Angeles has the largest population of homeless youth in America…” Ummm, how can you be an extra AND homeless? I’ve been an extra, they require you to have an ID & an address and all sorts of stuff. Where did they send his check? Especially b/c he was presenting this as the “average homeless LA teen experience”. I call shenanigans. But good for Miley for doing something that wasn’t about herself with her platform – can’t hate on that. Well I can, but I won’t.

    Finally – the raccoon attack story put me in mind of TWO recent news items where 911 was called on house cats (pets):
    Oh Florida edition: http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/world/archives/2014/07/20140708-125419.html

    California Love edition:

    Peace guys!

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