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776: The Empire Was Cheap


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Rod and Karen discuss getting new pajamas, TV negotiations, Star Wars thoughts, Ferguson with black people, nude pic leak, Cee Lo tweets about rape, Obama on immigration, motorcycle speeder, stripping mom, swatting, PTA beef and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I just don’t understand the people who shit on women for taking nudes. Folks were freaking the fuck out when they discovered that the NSA was spying on them. I mean, not only did people start to use special software and search engines to protect their privacy, some people have even resorted to using the dark-net. Which is a network of secret websites that can’t be viewed on the normal internet and is populated by criminals.

    And yet here we are telling women that it is okay for them to be hacked if they take nudes.

  2. Animal Thug

    Rape you like a play cousin. Bravo Karen,Bravo. I smell a tippy.

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