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Rod and Karen discuss their vacation road trip, Adrian Peterson, Tyrese’s momma, Chris Brown advises Ray Rice, Sexting, Mark Sanford, Kanye, Ketchup Nazis, Ray Rice, Cop resigns, man feeds woman her own dog, fire crotch and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    Rod I also have a childhood story that explains why I never dance.

    When I was young I choreographed a little dance to the CLASSIC R&B hit, Pony by Ginuwine. I did it one day in front of my family and they all thought it was funny and pretty good. The only problem is that my Mom like it too much. EVERY SINGLE TIME she had company over she would call me to the living room and make me do that dance. This shit went on for months. It got so bad that I used to hide whenever I thought my mom was having company over.

    I retired my dancing shoes after it was all over.

  2. Sir_Charles

    I literally laughed out loud when you mentioned the DJ refusing to stick to the list of songs chosen to be played at the reception. A couple of my friends got married Friday. When he had dinner back at the house the next day, before they left for their honeymoon, the groom was telling how the DJ played none of the songs they requested. The selection was pretty good, but if you have a list of songs that you would like to hear, actually getting them played shouldn’t be too much to ask for.

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