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787: Positively Orgasmic


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss Rod’s bday, growing older, repairmen, continental breakfast, Lethal injection drugs, costume in Time Square, Calvin Harris is a jerk, uzi girl, shocked firefighters, diplomatic immunity for child abuse, fake cellphone towers, Wal-Mart new dress code, sick of white people in BK, freezer burns, male rape in military, male models, cheating intruder, Rickey Smiley stirs up trouble, 3 booby girl, orgasm man, Bobby Jindal, NYPD, pocket sex toy thief, teacher bites kid, iPhone 6, dog sex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    What a fantastic show! That segment about the orgasm guy was hilarious. I mean, imagine if there was a virus that could make men aaauuuuuggg! Sweet Baby Jesus ZZZzz.

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