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801: Radio Calls From Prison


Rod and Karen discuss Cornel West getting arrested, Jameis Winston, disguised ads, Sasha Grey, Wakka Flocka takes a gun to the airport, Amanda Bynes, Tyrel Oates, Viola Davis, Fake Facebook profile to catch criminals, Sam Pepper accused of rape, digging up dad, Marvell Johnson killed by foster son, Venus Green, Pepper Spraying an innocent black man, Blake Lively, nurse kills patients, stabbing over a pig and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Rolonda L.

    You’re right about Gawker, of course. Most major content-generating sites are going hard with native advertising – presenting an ad in the same form as their usual content. The Atlantic got in trouble last year because they had blatant propaganda for Scientology posted to their site as though it were an article. It’s pretty annoying. I’ve been seeing more and more tiny “Sponsored” logos when I’m reading shit online. Great show as always, guys 🙂

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