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802: Carol To The Rescue


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss The Walking Dead aka #DeyWalking, Snoop and Iggy beefin’, Kesha suing her manager, Packers letter, Obama lateness, black guard, crack hoes Facebook post, jail grudge, stripper with an ax and sword ratchetness.

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  1. DSatz

    One of the articles in “Fucking with Black people” was about President Obama supposedly being an average of 11 minutes late for each of his public appearances. This figure was obtained by comparing the actual start time of his speeches with their scheduled start times.

    But the President of the United States is rarely the first speaker at any event where he is featured. Usually he’s the final speaker on the program, and somebody well-known introduces him. But if that person got started late or talked longer than expected, or if there was prolonged applause, then this article would count that as _the President_ being late. It’s an obviously bogus way of calculating.

    Also, no comparisons were made with the “on-time record” of other recent U.S. presidents; for all we know, President Obama might have a better than average “on-time record.”

    So I think that this article deserves a fairly high fuckification percentage.

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