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803: Wash Your Produce


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Rod and Karen discuss produce care, looney tunes editing out offensive humor, GamerGate, Eryka Badu, Iggy vs Snoop concludes, Stephen Collins, Taco Bell new menu items, college almost doesn’t pay a speaker, Elon gets hit, Joel Edgerton, Pete’s penis, horse stuffer, kid kills 90 year old and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I was rolling down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice. When I heard y’all talking about this here beef. And I was like really? Iggy vs snoop? This is going to be some bull. And I was right, I can’t believe folks got invested in this shit. Go carve a pumpkin and eat some discounted candy.

    As for this GamerGate mess, this is what happens when you try to organize a movement with hardly any organization, people hijack your shit. Also, couldn’t these folks have started their own fucking website to review games? They need to chill, til the next episode.

  2. Pledge of Resistance (@LeslieMac)

    Great show per usual. I wanted to add my thoughts on the Snoop/Iggy beef. My personal reason for not stepping in to condemn Snoop is that I am a fan of his & this behavior/language/treatment of women is PAR for the course with him. It felt hypocritical to speak out against his specific bashing of Iggy in this way when I’ve supported his sexist-themed music/videos/lifestyle for years. Snoop is Snoop – I see him as a caricature at times – or rather the “Snoop” persona which is what/who was involved in this beef. Do I like Iggy – no not particularly, but this rap game is what it is & look I’m sure her sales & spins aren’t hurting on account of this “beef”. I bet both of them are sharing a blunt right now laughing their asses off at all this foolishness.

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