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805: Puppy Spider


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Rod and Karen discuss a detective watch thief, Catholic church reneges, mile high rape club, TX abortion clinics can stay open, John Grisham on child porn, Bobby Schmurda getting robbed, killer Camel, Thai Rape culture, bird eater spider, Xander, Pumpkin riot, Xander, Whitlock, Black Men vs Black Women article, toilet thief, retirement home sex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. lrjoiner

    I hate to say this Rod, but I’ve never wanted to hear your voice less than when you had that hot fire playing underneath you reading your Adam & Eve ad. I was Cuban B’n that entire ad trying to hear the lyrics of that song so I could look it up on Spotify but to no avail. So I ask you sir, what song was that?

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