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820: #PinkyGate


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Rod and Karen are joined by Rich and Wis from the Two Guys One Show Podcast to discuss writing about relationship, how they picked their podcast format, Pinky gaining a lot of weight, Jeremih, Andy Dick grand theft, Bin Ladin killer gloating, David Broom making a come back, Ebola nurse strike, shy bladder group, substitute teacher racism, Senator says the south has issues, MN crime stats, Arby’s wallet robbery, Chicken wing brawl, parking lot hit and run, a nosey roommate and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    Bruh….why she so big? Like you said on the show, Pinky is short, so that weight has to be bad for her joints and shit. What I don’t get is how does Pinky look like this now but Cherokee still has had the same body since 2005. Why Rod? Why?????

  2. Anonymous

    Hey. I’m the “I hope” guy. I want to apologize for the misunderstanding. The comment had the opposite effect that I had intended. It overshadowed the whole message. You and Karen have the biggest hearts in these podcast streets. Thank you guys for giving a fuck. I hope.. You guys have Happy Veterans Day this Tuesday 🙂

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