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825: Dear Kim Kardashian,


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Rod and Karen discuss the Drunk Girl viral hoax, website, Kim K, Cosby, Johnny, Mase in the movies, Usher sex-tape, Andre Caldwell, Joan Rivers, Black Friday TV, Booty economy, custody case, science question, arcade molester, teens try to hire hitman, amputee criminal and sword ratchetness.

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  1. NuclearWynter

    I read that Kim K article and it’s so crazy to me that ANYONE can write anything in a major news publication. Whatever nonsense they pulled out of their butt that morning ends up the lead story on HuffPost or CNN or whoever. Honestly, that article could have been any 14 year olds facebook status that day.

    As a black girl with NoAssAtAll Syndrome, I’m angry about the comeback of the booty. I was living good with my shelf butt and big boobs now I might have to hit the gym and do some squats just to stay in the game.

    That “armed” and dangerous criminal took me out the game. So funny.

  2. PrinceLeron

    Nigga, Taraleigh Weathers was serious as shit. I went to the Huffpost article because Kim K articles are a gold mine for secondhand racism. But I didn’t see any of it on this article which was real. The second comment on the page was from Taraleigh asking everyone if they thought Kim would read her article. I’m blown as hell right now.

    Also people need to side what’s more important their social agendas or stanning for their favorite celebrities. People are siding with Bill Cobsy, Cuban b’ing the shit out those allegations. If Big Ben’s three allegations are enough, then how the hell does Bill’s 13 not count. That is where celebrity worship goes too far in my opinion. People are so gung-ho to defend people they don’t know. I’m not a big enough fan of any person to commit on a rape allegation.

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