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827: Team Carryl


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss #DeyWalking, the KKK, Masie, McDonald’s fight, woman has had enough, liquor store lotto winner and sword ratchetness.
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  1. AJtheEngineer

    Great recap Rod, Karen and Justin. I recently started reading the actual Walking Dead comic and I love it (shout out to Kriss from Insanity check for getting me back into comics). I’m reading Compendium One (parts 1-46), and I’m on part two, they just met Hershel and his family. I know I have a good bit of story before I reach where season 5 is and I like seeing the differences between the comic and the TV show. Would you guys suggest I keep reading or should I stop so that the TV show is still unpredictable? Has reading the comic before watching the TV show affected how your like or dislike of certain episodes?

    Sorry, one more question. Do you guys have any predictions for who may not make it past the mid-season finale?

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