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830: The Cosby Show


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Rod and Karen are joined by Romane Walters to discuss getting his laptop stole, Bill Cosby, Marion Barry dead, Kim K, Oreo biscuits come to churches, super cookies, prank it forward, #pointergate, stop and frisk PTSD, child porn tag team, jail sex, cliff pusher, cop exposes penis and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Rwh2016

    I have no sympathy for Bill. He’s rich, famous and will probably never be charged for these crimes. I’m also not surprised by those hypocrites at The Breakfast Club. I only feel sympathy for those black men who were actually charged, and wrongly convicted for crimes they didn’t commit. The prisons are full of them. Ronnie Long for example. Long is a Concord, NC black man who was convicted by an all white jury in 1976 for a crime he did not commit. No evidence that links him to the crime. There is evidence that proves that he didn’t do it, but it was withheld by detectives. But yet he still sits in prison and he will probably die there. Why? Because no one cares, if your’e not rich and famous. I loved the Cosby Show as a kid, but that’s where it ends. A despicable human being is still a despicable human being, no matter how much money you make or how famous you are (ie: OJ, Trump, Cosby, etc) Cosby should share the same prison cell as Darren Sharper in a perfect world.

    Love the show.

    Oh yeah, Have you seen The Handmaid’s Tale on HULU? NIGGGGAAAAAA!!! Don’t sleep on that series.


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