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843: Unsolicited Baby Pics


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Rod and Karen discuss Solange, black men in porn, Jehovah witnesses interrupt porn, threesomes, changes to cartoons, unsolicited baby pics, The Cosby Show, Ray J, Jay-Z, Face Sit In, Sorkin, Chris, Floyd Mayweather, Fox News on rape victims, old men getting hurt on motorcycles, left handed salary disparity, rape comment at game contest, transgender woman buried as man by family, KKK sprays up church sign, Dennis Rodman, KKK art exhibit, mail theft, robbery for the kids, coroner fired and sword ratchetness.

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  1. LeslieMac

    Hey Ya’ll – I wanted to real quick lift up that I am in awe of Karen’s testimony on the state of rape culture and the infuriating patriarchy at the heart the way women are treated in our society, especially when it comes to being victims of sexual assault. If 1 in 5 men had ANYTHING bad happening to them, a REAL & LASTING solution to the problem lickity spilt. Shit – that stat (1 in 5) is the same for men over 40 with regard to erectile disfunction and an ENTIRE industry popped up to treat that.

    As I listened to Karen lay out her incredible, blisteringly focused indictment of the entire culture and it’s treatment of sexual assault victims, I found myself sitting up taller in my chair, then standing up, then shouting YESSSS KAREN & PREACH GIRL PREACH at the top of lungs.

    The entire rest of the week, I’ve just been referring people to this episode whenever someone needs quick civics less on rape culture and to know what I think on the issue. Because no one could have said it better than Karen did right here on TBGWT. Thank you Karen!

  2. Latoya Foster

    Hi Rod and Karen! My name is latoya and I’m a huge fan of your show! I’ve been listening for a couple of months now and I have been meaning to leave a comment for a while now but I just haven’t had the opportunity until now. I love listening to the two of you and your guests of course. You pick engaging topics and keep me from slapping the taste out of the crackers mouths when I get upset about just how ridiculous they can be. I wanted to comment on the blog that had judged the women involved with bill cosby. I am a victim of rape and while I don’t ever talk about it now, I did speak up to the police (I was in the military at the time) and it was the most humiliating thing I ever went through. Unless you have been raped and then raped again by the prosecuting process you really should just shut the fuck up about what a woman should do when she is sexually assaulted. The guy who raped me just got a letter of reprimand. I had to talk to countless people who judged me to include my boss and my commander. I was the one who was transferred not my rapist to another base. And my record followed me. Every time that I got a new boss or went to another base I got questioned and side eyed. I had to do the rape kit and turn in my panties. I had to explain why I was in the situation I was in not him. After a couple years of that bullshit I decided to never speak again on it. All these people who feel they have something to say about another person’s assault just shouldn’t. They don’t know what they are talking about and have no idea what the person is going through. Thank God I’m a strong person or I probably would have killed myself dealing with all of that. I don’t mean to be a downer but I just wanted to get that off my chest. Thank you for speaking out on this issue especially you karen. I heard the passion in your voice. Take care! I’ll be listening!!

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