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844: 5 Star Reviews For Christmas

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    This Wahlberg story is another example of people misusing the work “mistake” to defend someone’s actions. Individuals that want to defend heinous actions like to come back with “I guess you’ve never made a mistake?” I heard that so many times after the Ray Rice incident. When did beating your wife become a simple mistake? Also the notion that you have to be perfect to have an issue with unlawful/disgusting actions is just bullshit. I’m not perfect but I’m certainly better than men who are out here beating women.

    There is a huge different between heinous crimes and mistakes and I would like for them to be labeled correctly. Or if they want to keep using “mistakes” for everything, you can’t pretend that all mistakes are equal. I’m not saying that people can’t redeem themselves but we do not have to downplay the seriousness of their original actions.

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