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850: Smack It In The Air


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Rod and Karen discuss Christmas privilege, NYPD has two officers killed, Coulter on rape, Sony hack news, Rams players donate to the community, Uber rapist, Saffaree and Nikki beefing on Twitter, Title VII covers transgender people, Toys R Us, OJ Simpson TV series, pervert old man, diaper dad, love triangle ends in murder and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mumbles

    Here’s the funny part about this “We blame De Blasio” bullshit. What do these unions say every time a black guy gets killed by police? Garner “resisted arrest” by pulling his arm away, so that’s justified (but that wasn’t a chokehold a chokehold). They *thought* Tamir Rice had a gun, so it was okay to shoot him. John Crawford III didn’t comply quickly enough. Justified. Bill De Blasio teaches his black, afro-having son, in the midst of all this, to be careful around cops – which is exactly what these cop apologists are saying – and the cop apologists are mad at him.

    So basically, the cops can kill you for any gesture that frightens them, and we can say that, but you should never teach your own child that.

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