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856: Penis Captivus


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Rod and Karen discuss 2014 news bloopers, celeb deaths of 2014, Chris Rock divorce, porn HIV alert, play-doh, breast milk prostitution, assisted suicide doctor, I Can’t Breathe shirt ruling overturned, spelling mistake at a school, #MeetMeInTemecula Remix, letter to Santa answer by Obama, FSU teacher, NYPD news, Dixie closing arguments, breastaurant, hit and run pastor, frying pan man, jockey jacker and sword ratchetness.

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  1. TMZ

    I got some inside information about that Chris Rock divorce, rumor has it that Chris was cheating on his wife with some Twins. While his wife cheated on Chris with some punk named Nick Cannon.

  2. kjdolla

    I had to write in again, that mix from Mike of Trip to Temecula was the SHIT!!!! if he put that out, I’ll definitely buy it. I was sitting up here on new years crunk as hell!!!

  3. kjdolla

    Thanks to your both for your hard work in 2014. I love this show and was happy to buy a Premium membership to make sure that you can keep doing your thing. You two are definitely one of the hardest working couples in podcasting. You two got me through a lot of good and bad times, and I appreciated the humor and commentary that was a great distraction from the real world. I wish you more success in 2015.

  4. PrinceLeron

    What makes that makes the T-shirt ban more interesting is the demographics of the two schools that were involved.

    The student bodies at the two schools are 1% black, 50% white and 41% Hispanic at Fort Bragg; 75% white and 9% Hispanic at Mendocino.

    When I saw a picture and saw that those young women were white, I got the biggest smile. Those school were surprised because they thought that the protest would never reach them. This made me think back to Marc Cuban comments. I would categorize these young women as being brave. That could have folded at any point but decided that they would stand up in what they believe in.

    On another note, I saw a picture of Officer Rafael Ramos’ sons. Their Mother has already or definitely will be giving them “the talk.” This may be why his family never said anything bad about De Blasio because they can relate.

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