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861: 60 Minutes Man


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Rod and Karen discuss Charlie Habdo shooting, NAACP bombing, Mia Khalifa, #ShadesOfRevlon, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Iggy interview, Fox News on shootings, NYPD shooting, John Cardillo, Steve Kroft cheating, GLAAD is mad at a TV show, The Cosby Show, Baller Alert, allowance murder, miscarriage of justice, elbow room, child porn bros, country club fight and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    The worst part about the NAACP bombing is that dude is still on the loose. And yet, you don’t see people freaking the fuck out about that. I also can’t stand the stupid shit some of these atheist are saying in regards to the Charlie Habdo shooting.

  2. Mtalex

    Wow great show as always guys (yes even you Karen lol).Just want to give my appreciation for the hard work and love you guys put on each and every podcast. ‘ I WANT SOME OF YOUR BROWN PUDDIN’ Has been sung in my house all morning, I just hope my lil ones don’t get in trouble at school singing it smh. I also want to give my thanks for all the movies, music, and movies you guys suggest, I can hear yall discuss Gotham, Flash, Arrow, and Walking Dead (and don’t even watch that show) I don’t know if you guys watched Netflix’s Marco Polo but I highly recommend it to you and those who haven’t seen it whenever you have the chance. Karen the love you have for Beyoncé is very similar to the love my 2 daughters and wife have for her, although it can get annoying at times, I love witnessing the happiness and joy she brings to my girls. And last guys I need your help, me and a friend of mine is having a hard time choosing which album was better Cadillactica or Under Pressure? Being from the south Big Krit’s album speak to me like Outkast albums do but like you guys I cant go a day without hearing the whole Under Pressure album oh and Krit was on Fallon recently and killed it with the Roots and Raphael Sadiq. Love you guys!! Oh thanks for the interaction on twitter (@alexanderfam719)

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