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869: Nerd Of Movies


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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Mike Lawrence of the Nerd of Mouth podcast to talk movies, diversity at the Oscars and comic book media. Then Mike leaves and we start talking about MTV’s black and white broadcast, diversity in “The Bible” TV series, the Whitney Houston movie, Sorority Sisters, Ship Your Enemies Glitter, Obama wants government internet, no more search and seizures, canned food for kids, NYPD, Lee Daniels wants to expose homophobia in the black community, bus to hell, BallerAlert, incest sex ring, glitter felony and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I agree with Rod when he says that the Oscars are now about more than just picking the best movies. See,the thing people don’t understand about movies is that they can be very expensive to make. You need money to make movies and connections help you get money.

    In Hollywood, you need the support of the industry, and the Oscars represent the industry. I mean, the Oscars are basically one big ass party for Hollywood.
    Connections are made and careers are elevated. And that’s why the Oscars are such a big deal, that’s why this isn’t just about getting the validation of white people.

  2. sugahbabe

    Re: Selma. I went to see Selma with a person of the Caucasian persuasion and that person too thought it wasn’t well done. They thought it should have focused more on MLK. I retorted: “It’s called Selma. It’s about Selma. Not a story about MLK. He wasn’t the only person involved in the Civil Rights movement.”.
    They’ve mythologized MLK to the point where they’re only here for the “I Have A Dream” speech.
    I’ve decided I no longer care what anyone thinks about Selma. I loved it and once it’s out on DVD, I’ll get a copy. I don’t care if people think I’m biased because I support good black films and good black directors. I’ve seen almost all the movies nominated for Best Picture except for American Sniper and Boyhood and I still prefer Selma.

  3. taouioui

    I told y’all that I would sign up and I got sick but I put it through today. Keep up the great work and I’m gonna start listening to my premium content.

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