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878: The Temptation Of Dr. Manning


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Rod and Karen are joined by John of the EZ Does It Podcast to discuss women vs men in murder, a missed military ball, more gay people now, transexual, James David Manning on semen, Bobbi Brown found od’d, Stacey Dash, Suge Knight, 3.9 million dollar settlement by NYPD, Katy Perry is evil, Super Bowl prop bets, Baller Alert, Edible thief, dog needled to death, bear feeding woman, bouquet beef and sword ratchetness.Twitter: @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain @TBGWT @EZDoesIt06 @JAldenSmith
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  1. RattyGadsen

    Did I hear that Black Dynamite Season 3 was cancelled? Damn it. I was hoping they’d do an episode where Dr. James David Manning and DMX did a “Scared ‘Strait'” episode for at risk youth.

  2. PrinceLeron

    TYT has gotten that admission from about four other religious leaders. It is so funny because all of them had the same nonchalance about having temptation because they think that everyone has them. I remember one preacher they had on the show saying that some people were too old to be participating in homosexual activity. He then said “back in my day we experimented in our teens but stop playing around when it was time to get serious.” It would probably blow Dr. Manning’s mind if he found out that everyone doesn’t have those temptations.

    Also, I cooking off that jailhouse wedding. I can just imagine niggas trying to act disgusted but they were really just mad. I bet the wedding cake was two army men on top of a oatmeal pie. And we all know that Dr. Manning was salty as hell during the whole ceremony.

  3. Selester63

    This podcast was hilarious, the segment about James David Manning on semen had me CTFU.

  4. sugahbabe

    Dr. Manning is by far my favourite preacher. Ever. That semen in my coffee was THE best podcast next to gang bang grannies. Everything about Dr. Manning screams: “I really wanna try some dick” or “I have had some dick and it’s eating at my conscience”.

    I wish Starbucks would sue him for slander so it could go to court. I may give up a finger to sit in that courtroom just to hear him talk about seeemen and sadamites. That’d be priceless. Can someone make that happen? Please. I’m waiting.
    *sips semen with my hot chocolate*

  5. Tunde

    listening to the group tale alerts with shawn merriman when the girl was behind him and he came fast. i’ve seen quite a number of threesome prons and i think it could be possible that she might have been sucking his balls from the back while he was hitting her girl. just throwing that possibility out there. but more than likely she was probably digging for brown gold. lol

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