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886: Disarming Tyreese


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and Nina Perez of ProjectFandom.com to discuss The Walking Dead, Bill Cosby, Dr. Manning isn’t black, Brian Williams is suspended, Countess Vaughn puts the cheeks on the gram, Jeb Bush staffer, Michael McDonald, black podcast list on buzzfeed, man shoots up Muslim students, teacher has sex with student, suicide, alligator soup, slow cooker fight and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    That groupie tale was the bizzaro version of that Shannon brown story. With the worst part being that the lady was still trying to brag about having sex with Plies. Then again, she did say that she thought his music was great.

    And about the man who shot up those Muslim students, I just wanted to say that it’s kind of crazy how the country is going to go back to shiting on Muslims. Even though the Southern Poverty Law Center just released a report that said that more Americans are killed by domestic terrorism committed by the radical right.

  2. LadyRock

    Tyreese was a punk, but I have to agree with Justin. It’s black history month man, he could have at least made it back to the rest of the group and taken out Eugene before dying. First Shonda is out here selling black women and now the Walking Dead has killed another negro on their plantation. Black actors beware even February ain’t safe.

  3. NuclearWynter

    Hey yall!! I did not realize how much I had missed #DeyWalking until I listened to the latest podcast today. Nina is everything and I love when yall can get her to join in on the Walking Dead recap. I’m so ready for the Richonne era. I actually think Michonne will be the one who helps to pull Rick back from the edge from killing people indiscriminately. Michonne is out of her shell emotionally and I think, for a while, she was where Rick is now in terms of killing people without care and not really believing anything mattered. I think she can help him recover. Also getting some good good from somebody who ain’t Carl trash momma who shall not be named might change his life.

    I also wanted to throw in my theory about what happened with Noah’s family. (Be warned, like Baller Alert, this story is submitted by one of your viewers and I cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of this theory nor can I provide any proof lol).

    Noah’s mom and the twins were at their home when the compound they were in got attacked. Noah’s mom realized the compound was about to fall and they didn’t have an exit strategy and could not defend themselves (cause they are Noah’s relative so they were whack). Noah’s mom was probably aware of that and instead of letting her kids get captured, she poisoned them and herself with something she had (cause she planned for this as a “way out” if things got bad) and sent them to hide in their rooms and told them to lay down in the beds and don’t move (since she knew they were going to die she wanted them to be comfortable) while she stood in the main part of the house. She stood in the main part of the house so when the Wolves would think it was just her in the house when they came bursting in if the wolves got to the house before the poison could work. Meanwhile, the twins are laying the beds wondering about whats happening and are scared. After some time being afraid, one of the twins gets up (despite protests from the other twin, its always one good twin and one defiant twin) to see whats happening in the compound. The one twin goes to the adjoining room to see out the window and watches the carnage. After a little more time, all of them die of the poison in the last spots they were in. Probably immediately after they or look almost dead, The Wolves come in see the Mom dead in the living room and kill her with a knife to the base of the skull (why you cant see the head trauma and why she isn’t a walker). They look around the house for more people and find the twin dead in the bed and put a knife in his head. But they don’t look thoroughly because they had more raping and pillaging and burning to do. The defiant twin is still down in the other room and after the Wolves leave, the defiant twin wakes up a walker and munches on his brother for a while (cause the other twin is still warm). His mom cools off while he is munching on his brother so she isn’t appetizing anymore and doesn’t get eaten. The walker brother just wanders back to the room and stares out the window (cause some of the zombies do random tasks they remember when they were alive) until Tyrese wanders in and becomes the next meal for the defiant brother.

    At least, thats the story I made up in my head and I like it so thats what I’m sticking with it lol. So glad yall are back!

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