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908: Statue Of Limitations


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Rod and Karen discuss a guide to tipping, eggs vandals, Hamburgular joke continues, Bill Cosby, gays and axe murdering, TI, sprayable sleep, gun activist talks bad to cops, congress got the constitution wrong, gay sensitivity training, Michelle Obama compared to ape, Rush Limbaugh blames hip hop, racist cop on xbox, Black P*ssy band, Miami, jerk at work cable threat, army pimp and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    This episode was so good and touched on so much I’m going hit some quick points.

    1. I think the promotion Bill Cosby after the show is the reason people believe that he should be revered. I suspect that people put all the importance on the Cosby Show in retrospect and people where watching it at the time because it was good show that was funny. Bill Cosby campaigned to be the standard for black people.

    2. The cops didn’t even ask the open carry dude at the high school if he had a permit to carry his weapon. I went to his blog and of course he doesn’t a permit to open carry. If they cops would have done the least amount of work they could have took him to jail. It must be so glorious to be white.

    3. It was sad listening to the fox anchors discussing marriage. It was all centered around the premise that sex is the only thing that women have to offer. It is a problem because so many man and women believe this in this concept. And it is not only conservatives.

    4. Lastly the cop in that xbox argument said something so weird. He said that he wasn’t a real man and accused him of leaving the shower to take a piss. So, pissing in the shower is manly. You learn something new every day.

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