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921: Women Problems


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Rod is joined by Kriss, Karen, Sterling and Quita on this marriage anniversary edition of The Nerd Off. (Sterling and Quita’s marriage that is). We discuss what we’ve been watching, reading and playing. Then we get into race and gender in comic books, the Batgirl cover, female costume backlash, LGBT character in Star Wars, PS mobile closing shop, Ghostbuster male reboot and Twitch users have an issue with women.

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  1. Cappadonna

    First time I heard the Nerd Off. It was so good (and challenging) that signed up for premium. And this review may be long – so Karen, on my behalf, please give Rod some water or tea to keep his throat in shape. And now Rod, you may sigh.

    Shot outs to the crew for standing up for the fact that its 2015 and female superheroes don’t need to wear thongs to fight monsters. Robin hasn’t worn man panties and pixie boots since the 90’s. It’s okay that Wonder Woman gets sleeves. I think its a Captain Marvel knock off with weird 90’s shoulder pads, but again – it makes more sense than the Miss Universe swimsuit contest get up.

    Also, J. Scott Campbell is just miffed that his softcore porn isn’t the business in comics anymore. Remember when that dude was rolling in dough over the Cheesecake Factory called “Danger Girl”? Even as horn college student with no woman – I couldn’t figure out why dudes were dropping 3 bucks a copy this nonsense when you could just download a porno or buy Heavy Metal magazine for a dollar more. I got into bought Lady Death, either.

    Listening that gaming cat who moralized about women playing video while calling them bitches, sigh, is the reason why I don’t go online to play games and avoid Twitch like the plague. I’ll forever be a Nerd Hermit because ninjas be craze in dem streets.

    And, Rod, you’re gonna have to stop with your Playstation slander my dude. I gonna see you in the streets son! What you know about that Vita Hotness, Microsoft Slave!! RIP to the PS Mobile Store.

    Okay, just kidding, like said I don’t play games with people online and I’m terrible at first person shooters. Also, I’m a die hard fan of Uncharted & Infamous and also own a Vita, hence the upgrade to PS4. At the end of the day, we’re all a bunch of grown men playing kids games as my momma would say. Console wars (Console vs. PC gaming beef) is so dead at this point – since most the hottest games are available on both PS4 & XBox One now.

    Now if you’re a grown person with no kids and own a Wii or Wii U – then we need have a long talk and possibly check the sex offender registry for your picture.

    Stay Nerdy.
    – Cappa

    • 04soldier

      Ps4 just got Spotify dawg, and its awesome!

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