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962: Yours In Flay


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Miss Krysable

    Oops my bad y’all! That’s probably why i got so annoyed thought the Duke professor was Asian American!! I was having Psychology Today “Ugly Black Women” flashbacks. But since it’s some old white racists dude I’m no longer surprised. I hope he drowns in his own drool but that’s about it.

    Oh and a PSA to the rest of the Christians listening to the podcast. First I thought the last of the Christians were Nic, Reg and I. But just in case there are some more, baby Christians this isn’t the podcast for you so stop listening to this podcast and just listen to Joyce Meyers on your stitcher and volunteer, y’all not ready. Everybody else if you see the fool who left them emails to Rod, kick him in the shins and make sure his password for the cool Christian phone conference gets canceled. Now Rod (and maybe Karen) won’t be joining us at the big cookout in the sky for real for real now 🙁 and their Christian bounty increased to a bazillion! Meaning only Black Jesus reenacting the Vision vs Ultron battle will change his mind about anything!

    Miss Krysable

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