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973: Convenient Blackness


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Rod and Karen discuss more Rachel fall out, balleralert, foot in the milk, DUI bus driver, pastor prays for wife’s death and sword ratchetness.
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    Just got to listen to this ep this morning. I have just 3 things to say. 1. PREACH KAREN!!! We as black men need to defend our black women. We can’t use the same bullshit excuses that racists use to defend them to defend this. 2. Rod had me rolling with the Who represents the race better? “Roger Rabbit or Lebron James”. As usual….on point! 3. I need you to give me next week’s lotto picks because you called another situation with that John Stewart monologue on Thursday night. You said it’s sad that it would take a white man i.e. Tim Wise or John Stewart to say what Black people have been saying. I also find it painfully ironic that when they need someone to speak negatively against us, the FIRST person they go to is a black person. Sad. As always you guys rock! I hate that I have been too busy to listen live lately. I miss the chat room!! Shoutout to the chat room! That might have been 3.5 things.

  2. Kyle

    I got second hand embarrassment from watching all those black men cape for Rachel. You would have thought she was Scarlett Johansson with the way these dudes were up her ass.

    And in light of recent events, I feel like the people entertaining Rachel’s nonsense look even worse now. Especially Melissa Harris Perry.

  3. EvieE

    Rachel, is a lying sack of shit. Let’s stop calling her mentally ill because that’s just another excuse that white people conveniently call each other when they know another white person is dead ass wrong. She knows she’s not black but is now perpetuating the fraud because she’s been stone cold busted. She’s been making a mockery of what black is for the past several years and now you have the coon squad caping for this woman which tells you right there that she is in fact white. You don’t ever as many people cape so hard for black women. Look at TI and his wife for example. People call Tiny all kinds of horrible names, but I never see TI defend her as hard as he defends Iggy.

    As far as Rachel’s ‘natural hair’ journey, that right there is another indicator that woman is a fake ass bitch. What the natural hair movement means is learning to love and embrace the tresses you were born with without chemical treatments to alter the texture. If she was a real naturalista she would have kept the long straight hair.

    And all I’ve been hearing this past week was how much she’s done for the black community when none of these mofos can name a single thing she’d done specifically. Screw her.

  4. Cappadonna

    Hey guys –

    Episode 973 was greatness, as always. First, shout out to the Main Source cut.

    Now let’s break down Rachel Dolezal, the Veggie Burger of Blackness. For people comparing “Hey Sista Faux Sista” to Caitlyn Jenner, please, have a seat. First, Gender Dysphoria is a real thing, defined in clinical psychology.

    Second, prior to gender reassignment in most of the Western World, trans people have to go through years of psychological analysis. Its mostly a means to deflect against law suits. Point being, by definition, Caitlyn Jenner isn’t crazy and has never been crazy, because no plastic surgeon would perform the operations on her if she were remotely crazy. You can’t say that Dolezal.

    For this to be equivalent, Jenner would have to carry tampons, Photoshop her wedding album with Kris Jenner, deny her Wheaties box and Gold medals and wax poetically about her first period.

    That’s it. Have a Good Weekend and Stay Black (If You feel Like it)

    – Cappa

  5. Bzelilgal

    What can I say. Rod and Karen you nailed it about this racial performance con artist. What is not so surprising is that she’s is benefitting from the same white privilege that she was ostensibly fighting against: being given the benefit of the doubt. That someone can be literally be in black face in 2015 and, not surprisingly, have white people but black people defending them tells you all you need to know about the actual hard work yet to be done to totally and convincingly defeat white supremacy.

  6. PrinceLeron

    Rachel really benefitted from the fact that Black people don’t go around black checking each other in real life. If your skin has the tiniest hint of brown and you claim to be black, we will take your word for it. I know a few black people had to be little suspicious of her ethnicity but was never crass enough to question her blackness. Or maybe she purposely chose Spokane, Washington and Idaho which have African American populations of 2.3% and 0.6%, respectively. That environment made sure that she rarely had to interact with black people outside of her professional settings. She went to a place where she could define blackness.

    I personally believe that most people knew she wasn’t black but just didn’t push the issue.That is why I reject any talk of her taking on any struggles. I wonder does she question if the reason she got jobs at those universities was because she really didn’t look “that black.” I would love to see a video of her discussing colorism.

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