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976: American Terrorist


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Rod and Karen are joined by Rod’s mom and dad for a special Father’s Day edition of the podcast. We discuss Dylan Roof, Brian Williams, KFC rat, Karrueche, BallerAlert, robber stops for chicken and biscuits, man breaks leg during horse sex, mom leaves her kids to go party, the ice cream man gets shot and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Arie Dee

    I don’t think the Black people who go on Fox News are actors. They’re sad people who’ve decided to get revenge by going on TV and fucking with the people they feel did them wrong over the years.

  2. Will in Toronto

    Good show as usual. Dear Brother Rod, your parents are hella funny bruh.

    That robber that stopped for a 2 piece basically pulled a DeSean Jackson. Dumb ass dropped the ball at the 1 yard line and starting dancing in the end zone. Smfh.

  3. btouch

    I just wanted to make sure I thanked you guys for this week of shows in general, and for this episode in particular. It was really great to hear Rod’s dad and mom join you both on this episode, and how well everyone’s senses of humor fit together.

    The Charleston news deeply upset me and continues to upset me, and TBGWT has been an important element in my coping. I grew up not far at all from Charleston, and was haunted for days of something like this happening to my parents or my aunts or uncles, many of whom are deep off in the church and rarely miss a Bible study. TO hear people try t shift the blame onto the victims for not owning guns, or going into “mental health”/”young and disturbed” defenses offends me at a level things rarely offend me at, so thank you so much for doing these shows and finding a great balance between tackling the seriousness of it all and yet still providing opportunities to laugh and smile.

  4. HC

    Rod’s dad seems like an excellent father and husband, but I’m also aware that he’s a Duke fan. It’s part of my heritage to look at them as inferior. It’s how I was raised. Is he just one of the good ones, or was my upbringing a lie? Resolve this tension for me.

  5. PrinceLeron

    The GOP has to be regretting the alliance they made with the Tea Party back in 2007. Now they can’t find a candidate that is qualified but is also willing to fully pander to their racist voter base. Romney and McCain was just as qualified as anyone to become president but they didn’t embrace dat cism. I will always remember the face McCain made at that town hall meeting and how he actually defend Obama a few other times. It wasn’t a big surprise when Romney called for the removal of the rebel flag.

    The Tea Party is taking note of which republicans have agreed with Romney and they will have no chance to be president.

  6. That_Mitch

    Hey Rod and Karen! Aside from the terrorist hate crime , yes I used all the words Fox news and some unqualified presidential candidates didn’t want to use for this tragedy, I’m more appalled at the pastor from Chesapeake, VA my hometown.Who as a black man had the audacity to say that it was a crime against Christianity and not to jump to conclusions until the facts come out. As a Christian and A BLACK Christian at that I feel inclined to visit this man’s church to see what kind of congregation he has, because there’s no way I could be under the leadership of a black pastor who doesn’t understand when a killer says “black people have to die” that’s not an attack against Christianity at all, its an attack against blacks. if I was a member of his church and Praise JESUS that I am not, I’d definitely be submitting my resignation letter with the reason being BECAUSE I’M BLACK. I do not see it for him at all. His comment was not only a slap in the face to his congregation but to the victims of the tragedy and to the members of the church in Charleston. I’m not sure who’s worse the pastor or Don Lemon. Thanks for the great work keep up the awesome work!

  7. BBlizak (@bblizak)

    I was going to Tweet this, but I couldn’t fit in 140 characters how I needed to pause this episode to express how much I love and felt proud on how you didn’t bring up all the spelling mistakes you encountered while reading that Savage Caveboy’s manifesto until you got to the part where he mentions that black people have a lower IQ.LOL I mean I only found two but then again, English is my 2nd language.

  8. Butterbean

    I was wondering if ya’ll was going to do a Baller Alert with Mama and Daddy Tips. haha.

  9. Kate Sherrill MLS (@KateSherrill)

    If I’m not mistaken, Roof’s list of “acceptable” Latino countries almost exactly matches the list of South American countries that accepted and sheltered Nazi war criminals.


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