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SMR 61: Jurassic World

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Rod and Karen are joined by Monica Castillo of the International Business Times to discuss Jurassic World.

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    I knew this film was going to be a full bucket of stupid, but the only way to enjoy it, was to treat it as a parody of itself. I’ll admit, I expected more from Jurassic World, though, saying that, is like wanting a version of the slow burn that was the first film.

    First off, Bryce Dallas Howard is the MVP of this movie, only because her role as the female protagonist went the entire film in heels and it was stupendously hilarious. I had a local theater in Florida cackling as she proceeded to roll her sleeves up, but leaves her shoes on. I was thinking, she had to have had a pair of kicks laying around the offices of Jurassic World, but no such thing. Dallas Howard’s Claire isn’t an interesting character, but she humorous, even if it’s suppose to be unintentional humor. I still can’t believe the things she manages to outrun.

    Chris Pratt was fine here, but I felt he was given little to do here, besides be a main source of charisma. I laughed when he was directing the raptors and conversing with other character, yet he felt underused, somehow.

    Otherwise, I managed to have a good time with it, only because I didn’t treat it seriously; and, that’s probably the best way to enjoy this movie, at best.

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