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991: Jerry Springer Memories

jerry springer show

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Rod and Karen are joined by Mr Spann of the Span Report Podcast to discuss friends and tough discussions, The Cosby Show, Minions, Tyrese promotes his new album, Nas baby momma homeless, 50 Cent ordered to pay 5 mil, police officer may have done porn, Blue Bell back in production, Lark Voorhies, Tyga calls the feds, confederate flag mess, BallerAlert, fork in eye over ribs, chicken and biscuit fight, Chinese food 911 call and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Rod, I agree with you about this trend in movie trailers with the slowed down music going to far. I don’t mind them so much with horror movies but they’re doing them for action movies which don’t make sense. Mission Impossible-Ready of Not, Suicide Squad- I started a Joke, and The Avengers-Ain’t No Strings on me. This has got to stop.

  2. uaintgottheansa

    *raises hand* I volunteer to test the Blue Bell ice cream. Shiiit, Ive been going through withdrawals.

  3. Erik Upshaw

    Being a little older I remember when those talk shows were real. Oprah and Donahue would have abortion debates that were nothing but screaming. Oprah actually said she was done with the topic due to her guests acting out. But the best was Morton Downey Jr. Chain smoking cigarettes and screaming at Nazi skinheads. The best was that he had Al Sharpton on various episodes (I was surprised as an adult to find out Morton was actually pretty conservative). Check out the clip of Roy Innis knocking (old school) Sharpton on his ass. Great show.

  4. PrinceLeron

    Man, Fuck Whoopi. Does she do anything else other than defend power man who abuse women? And I’m so tired of people trying slide in the Duke Lacrosse as if it resembles Bill’s story in any way. I feel that people miss a very important point in the Duke case. After the trial one student commented, “The DA was able to railroad us for years, with little evidence, and we had the money to buy the best lawyers possible, I can only imagine what they do to people who are not as fortunate.” Cosby had over 30 women accusing him and even admitted to some of it. What are people really fighting against? I hope I never fall this deep into an agenda because this is ridiculous.

  5. im just saying

    @Chloe is right. We should be really thinking about whether there are mysterious deaths associated with Cosby. If you are slipping quaaludes to drug women in their dricks, the odds are that one of them may not have woken up…I mean…where are we at now. 100 women? 50 women? The odds that 1 out 100 ODed and didn’t wake up is pretty good.

    Also…there were drivers, assistants, and other people associated with Cosby that helped to cover this up. They would have directly transported the women before or after they were drugged. Let’s try to find those people as well.

  6. Jwan Allen

    Cops can kill citizens impunity, but fucking on camera is real tragedy, fuck outta here.

  7. Chloe

    Can the FBI do a full investigation on Cosby? After all these decades, there has to be a few dead women out there. Someone should be checking for Jane Does who have died from a mysterious drug overdose while having any connection with Cosby. You slip women drugs for decades, how could I NOT believe that a few of those women didn’t wake up?

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