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SMR 65: Ant-Man

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Rod and Karen are joined by Tim aka People’s Critic to discuss Marvel’s Ant-Man!

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    Ant-Man has so many likeable characters that not only matter to the MCU, but to the casual viewer who doesn’t have an investment to the Avengers or other Marvel properties and are just looking for a good time at the movies. My two favorite characters in Ant-Man, Louis & Hope Van Dyne. Anytime those two popped up on-screen, I knew I was always in-store for something great. Michael Pena transforms himself as a guy who never seems to be daunted by even the lowest of lows (ex. His pops being deported). He’s funny, eclectic & always optimistic. Oh, and his heist stories were the best.

    As for Hope, the thing I loved about her character, was how determined she was to being a hero herself. Hell, she was even more skilled than Scott Lang, as she kicked his ass all over the place during those montages. Her post-credit scene also proved that her persistence earned her the Wasp suit & I look forward to seeing more of her in the Phase 3 portion of the movie. Evangeline Lilly was easily one of the best parts of those Hobbit prequels & her efforts here definitely backed that up. She was excellent.

    Overall, the rest of movie is great. Its story is well-told and has a great balance of comedy, action & drama; something that Marvel Studios has done an extraordinary job at with their properties. The movie also looks great. I did enjoy Paul Rudd a lot here, but his scenes with Michael Douglas Hank Pym, added a lot to their backstories, as well as their on-screen chemistry. Both of them seemed to enjoy each others presence. Corey Stoll is textbook Corey Stoll, playing Darren Cross/Yellowjacket. His character feels like a movie villain from the 80s, sorta like Robocop’s Dick Jones. He’s not my favorite villain in the MCU, but he did a very good job. I expected to enjoy Ant-Man considering the expectation wasn’t like the anticipation of Age of Ultron, and that’s ok; it stands on its own just fine. Great closure to Phase 2 of the MCU.

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