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Rod and Karen are joined by Kriss to discuss the rigors of balancing work with podcasting, Rod’s new found fame, Ben Affleck was cheating, Chipotle charging more for beef, Alton Brown vs Bourdain, Rosie Perez quits the View, Taylor Swift fans, Megyn Kelly, Kung Fu restaurant owner, Wal-Mart trucker, Chick Fil-a inside job, Black Lives Matter tactics, BallerAlert, beauty queen lies about cancer, dildo in pants, church drops 92 year old woman and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    At first I thought the baller alert was fake, because it started out with all those flowery words and purple prose. That lady must have said feel the burn and alluding to wanting to feel the heat at least fifty times. As cheesy as it was, when the letter veered from the romantic mumbo jumbo and took a left down Petty Lane on the corner of Bitter Bitch Avenue, I knew it was real. I laughed and laughed and laughed. The only disappointing part about the baller alert post this time around was that there were no comments. I live for the comments, and in particular, hating ass Terrell Jones’ comments so in honor of him, here’s what I imagine he would have said if there had been comments:

    (In Terrell Jones’ voice) This bitch is stupid. She got exactly what was coming to her. I bet she gave him anal and now she mad because she doesn’t have anything to show for it but a sore ass and some hurt feelings.

  2. Amani

    Comedian, activist, podcast-lobbyist, restaurant tipping etiquette commentator, comic Literary critic, acclaimed audio-play actors, champion against Right Supremacy… that resume is getting longer and longer and I can’t get enough! They don’t realize who they messed up and invited to the party. Rod and Karen coming to a front page near you! Oh and hosts with the sexiest fans on Facebook.

    But being earnest for a minute I can’t tell you much seeing you guys continue to succeed means to people. Y’all have built this from the ground up, from the days with intro music in the background to a network and community that’s so beautiful. Hell seeing Kriss getting to go to Comic-con and D23 and Sterling and GATSPOD hitting ep 100 too, it’s just proof that being your authentic self and working towards what fulfills you as a person is worth the grinding to get there. It’s so dope to see man.

    P.S. Don’t know if y’all are doing a Spoiled Movie Review but finally saw that DBZ movie and without spoiling anything hating ass Terrell Jones aka Vegeta has another reason to be mad at Goku.

  3. Anzidavis

    because I am petty, she is on her own

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