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1032: Liza Too Woke


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Rod and Karen are joined by Sterling of The Gaming And Then Some Podcast to recap Fear The Walking Dead, Terminus Halloween, Steve Rannazzisi lied about 9/11, Ahmed Muhammed arrested for having a clock at school, Subway co-founder dead, Why You Always Lying full video, Diddy might ripped some people off, BallerAlert, dog tosser, cave dwelling kids, beef throwing, smushing porn and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I take back every bad thing I said about Madison. It seems like she is one of the very few people who actually has any sense on this show. The person who really has to go is Travis. He sucks donkey balls. His lack of common sense is going to get people killed. Every time he was on screen, I found myself groaning in frustration. If I had to choose team members for the zombie apocalypse, I’d take crackhead Nick over him. At least crackheads can sense danger so they’re always ready to run.

    But my new favorite character on the show is Mr. Salazar. He be knowing. He is definitely the real MVP

    And Alicia definitely elbowed Chris on purpose.

  2. fiainros

    I love your television show review podcasts! I have a few comments to your discussion on the latest Fear the Walking Dead. First, Daniel is bringing around my husband, who was losing interest in the show. Daniel and Maddie are the only two who are gonna make it.

    I think Nick’s dad was the drug addict, not Maddie, because Nick said he was the expert, not Maddie. Also, the deja vu comment I took to mean about a dad not coming home, maybe because Nick and Alicia’s dad was out doing drugs?

    When the Travis-led group got to his truck, I was surprised it was still standing, since every other vehicle in that riot was on fire.

    As for the hospital, of course the hospitals would be the first to go. But I was surprised the power outages went so fast. Who’s dying at the power company? How are zombies there already? During those scenes, I thought Travis is starting to get it and he might just make it.

    I’m glad you talked about the radio broadcast. I missed some of it, because I wanted Travis to keep his eyes on the road! (See the Walking Dead for problems not watching the road in the zombie apocalypse.)

    As for people who won’t make it, Alicia is nearly the same as the Carl who wouldn’t stay in the house. I am surprised (and kind of disappointed) she didn’t die in this episode.

    I am with Karen, I thought the dog was going to be a zombie. Then, they did weird camera shots and I thought for a moment it was a zombie dog. Then I remembered this world doesn’t do animal zombies. Also, I think this is the same dog actor Sasha and company ate because one of the behind-the-scenes I saw said they use cast & crew pets. Wasn’t the lead dog in that group a German Shepherd that looked like this one?

    As for the discussion about Liza’s take on Griselda’s wound, Liza was describing gangrene. I had a grandparent die from that in hospice care in the 90s. The crushed foot without proper care and antibiotics would probably cause tissue death, and it spreads. I don’t think Liza was intentionally describing zombification, just death due to a crushed foot injury. It is terrible, and it can mean death once it starts.

    A few more points, just not to end on such a sour note. I thought there might be history with Chris and Alicia. Liza and Travis have that post-breakup “okay” that you see with some post-divorce couples, although it didn’t last long. Was that some awful new girls to ex shit that Maddie pulled on Liza?

    Lastly, please keep playing the “savior teacher” music with Travis. I love it! Thanks for reading my rather disjointed and long comment.

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