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1037: Russell Wilson School Of Leadership


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Rod and Karen are joined by NicJu of What’s The Tea Podcast to discuss Fear The Walking Dead, Michael B Jordan, Brian Williams is back, Pope slows iPhone shipment, Martin Shkreli, abuser killing women, Obama give speech on plight of black women, #MasculinitySoFragile, BallerAlert, 91 year old man attacks lawn guy, nutella fight, highway shootings, Taco Bell employee and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Buddy_Love

    Just wanted to say that black people do live in Sandusky. That’s my city. I’m just happy that it was at the Taco Bell in the other side of town. I was also a little disappointed that no one said ‘ Maybe he should Think outside the Bun’ (in my Horatio Caine voice) during guess the race.

    And I still think Liza is going to die. She’s gonna see something at the ‘facility’ and the people in charge are gonna make her disappear.

    • Buddy_Love

      I almost forgot my original comment when I heard that Sandusky slander. I just wanted to say you two have the best recap shows out of all the ones I listen to. I like the scene by scene breakdown. I always hear something that I missed during the show when I’m trying to live tweet. I also like the fact that you actually enjoy the shows that you’re talking about and as Karen said ‘ Take it for what it is’. Some people think everything is supposed to be a cinematic tour de force or that every character is supposed to be perfect. That would make a pretty boring show. Love your show and I’ll never be able to look at Good Times the same ever again

  2. hirojashibe

    Where exactly was homeboy with the family he abandoned going to drive off too? What place is safe? The Desert?

    Why does everyone on this show think that escaping to the desert is a great idea. I live in the deserts of California its not safe, my go to plan should things pop off is not to stay here or go deeper in the desert, its to get out of this are. I mean there really is no food here in the desert, everything has to be truck in, those military assholes killing everyone on the show all there bases are out here, they’re a lot of prisons out here as well, and lets not get started on the very armed white supremacists contingent that lives in the desert. Coming out here with your very blended and very brown family not a good idea. But then again ,Travis is not woke yet ,so bad ideas are just going to happen a plenty to him and this family.

  3. Amani

    Listening to sword ratchetness while muting a pointless conference call and I got to thinking about how Black podcasters would do in the zombie apocalypse.

    Reggie from Dat Tea ends up being the first to go because he’s too busy touring to even realize the Z-poc had started. Kriss gets got pretty early with a shrug because he didn’t feel like going to Baltimore and getting the stuff to zombie proof his house. Sterling lasts for a while after he builds a mech suit and programs it like he’s on a Destiny raid. Rod would expect Karen to get ready to run, instead she goes into full “fuck THAT shit” mode and turns into a combo of Michonne and Sarah Conner and takes over the Charlotte/Raleigh crew and locks all that down.

    Anyway appreciate the great shows and Happy Birthday Rod!

  4. EvieE

    Rod, I totally get what you’re saying about some of our frustration as an audience with these characters stem from the fact that we’re in the know and they aren’t but some of things are just plan common sense. Even if you don’t completely know what’s going on, Travis, Maddie, and crackie (Nick) have seen the infected up close and they still roll up to people the way they do. Nope. I get that they may still be in denial but if something doesn’t look right to me, I damn sure not going to investigate. I will be out.

    I’m very interested to see the dynamic of Liza and Maddie play out because Maddie was quick to blame Liza for Nick to being taken away. I wonder if Travis cheated with Maddie before hand or if there was some custody dispute. Something went down between those two and I’m sure Travis didn’t do anything to help the situation.

    As for Nick, stealing a dying man’s morphine, that is the crack headiest thing I have ever seen and I’ve had a crackhead try to sell me one broken roller skate before.

  5. fiainros

    It wouldn’t be a Fear the Walking Dead recap if I didn’t comment. First, I think this is the best episode of Fear the Walking Dead so far. My only complaint is the 9 day skip because I thought that would be an interesting 9 days.

    We used to have a pool and the first thing my husband said when the episode started was “Someone needs to clean the pool.” (His chore.) It made him uncomfortable to watch Nick swimming in it. The zombies don’t bug him, but a dirty pool did. Plus, between the pool and the plane Nick saw last episode, I keep expecting Walter White to show up.

    I have to watch this show much more closely than Walking Dead because they slip so much information in with almost every scene. The show writers/runners are very careful to explain so much and close loopholes.

    I really enjoyed listening to Rod and NikJu’s theories on what happened to Doug. I thought Doug went over the fence and military dude was lying about having him.

    The Maddie-Daniel dynamic is really interesting. Maybe it is because they are both cynics because Maddie is just like that and Daniel has seen too much. And they listen to each other. Although, I didn’t understand Daniel asking Maddie to take care of his daughter, Ophelia. Is there something wrong with Ophelia or is Daniel just an over-protective dad?

    Here’s my confusion about this episode: what is happening with folks coming in and folks leaving? At the beginning of the episode, it appeared that they were bringing people in. But then there were dead people mixed in with dead zombies in the surrounding neighborhoods, and they killed the people in that house at the end. Doesn’t that imply that the military is just killing everybody? I was not surprised Daniel Salazar was not allowed to leave, but I was surprised Nick was on the list. In retrospect, it makes sense because a druggie like Nick is going to cause other people’s death in some form or fashion. I thought every one on that list was going to be taken off to be killed – like Daniel’s story. But then the doctor asked Liza to come with, which means that wherever they are taking the sick folks can’t be as nefarious as I was thinking. But then why not take Daniel? And did Hector’s wife get to go? She was talking about packing in her scene.

    Keep up the great podcast. Your perspectives helped me get over the initial difficulties I had with the show and start enjoying it for what it is.

  6. pretty tomboy

    First of all happy birthday old man!! 🙂 Great show, I love it when NicJu stops by. She always adds great insight and humor when she’s on.

    Ok so I love the FTWD! I think that people who complain are looking for TWD 2.0 instead of enjoying the show the way that it is intended. This was never to be a show where everyone already knew about zombies, this is the beginning of a zombie apoc. So of course everyone comes off as stupid. If everyone was “woke” already it would seem odd – at least to me. That is completely unrealistic. I wish they hadn’t skipped ahead 9 days tho. There was a really good story in the time it took to build their fake wall but I have confidence in the show that there was a reason for that. My imagination can figure out the rest.

    My favorite character is Nick. Hands down. I know he’s a ‘aint shit nigga’ but he’s also funny and resourceful. I think it would be really cool if he lived but Madison got bit trying to save him. She needs to teach him that he can’t be caping for other people in a apocalypse and she needs to learn that lesson herself. It would probably be the only way he would take his sobriety seriously and since TWD likes to try to change our perception of characters I think it would be kinda cool to see him morpf into a badass. Even tho I can’t stand travis (debil) I feel like it would be more interesting for him to survive with all of his conflict (alicia, chris and liza) then if maddie did. But I’m not so sure that the showrunners are brave enough for that..

    Anyway I didn’t mean to leave such a long email, but I just want you to know that I had a great time listening and I can’t wait to her you and karen’s perspective next week!

    Side note: dammit karen. on the last show you had me crying when you talked about looking up definitions in the urban dictionary. now I’m hooked. so much FOOLISHNESS…

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