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1039: Tour De Force


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Rod and Karen are joined by Keith and Chemda of Keith and The Girl Podcast to discuss their national podcast tour, being podcast pioneers, the Mormon blood moon, Japanese pop star can’t have boyfriend, planned parenthood supporters protest, no sex with your robots, Kanye West was serious about running for President, Cool Pope, BallerAlert, woman stabs stranger in the head, the great citrus heist, sneaker thieves and sword ratchetness.

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Blog: www.theblackguywhotips.com
Voice Mail: 704-557-0186

Guest Website: http://www.keithandthegirl.com/tour/


And they’re on Twitter: @ShadowDogProd


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  1. Jynener

    First time commentor, multiple time listener. This was an amazing episode. Keith and the Girl were amazing and you guys brought it as usual. I love the blend of comedic release and real world talk. I found you all from a shout out by Baratunde and friends on About Race podcast and I am a huge fan. I have even recruited my husband and kids. Keep doing what you do, because I can not make it through my day without my Rod and Karen.

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