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1057: Hams My Biscuits


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Rod and Karen are joined by Adrienne to discuss camping, adjusting to having a kid in the house, Walking Dead recap and sword ratchetness.

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  1. hirojashibe

    #SuperiorBlackMan aka #GhostDogMorgan has fallen a couple notches with this no kill policy; which is not a problem for #StewartCarol aka #CODCarol who has rack up quite a lot of kills and used her experience points to the max in the Battle of Alexandria.

    This is for the TBGWT Nation anyone who has a great photoshop skills could we have a Carol turn into a Super Saiyan pic or gif that would be great. Otherwise have a great Sat 🙂

  2. Wonga_5

    I liked the part when Denise says she’s the new doctor & Eugene says “You’re a doctor?” & she snaps back at him “are you?” & when Eugene turns & looks at Tara as she shrugs her shoulders, Denise says “I’m sorry, i ahh heard that story” & Eugene says “Fair play” & nods his head.

    also your right, that part when Carol came in with the “Cool Story Bro” & shot the guy in the head was gold.

    this season has been really good so far.

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