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1065: That Ain’t Love


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Rod and Karen discuss Halloween, Native American culture, Chipotle, Hillary gets interrupted by #BlackLivesMatter, questions for white people, police sexual assault, police cover up trans woman’s death, footage of shoot out at Twin Peaks, warrant issued for Fetty Wap, Planned Parenthood raided, prosecutor admits to helping cover up beating of suspect, hot dog contents, bank wants laid off employees to work for free, BallerAlert, woman injures hand petting tiger at zoo, 007 injured, Boston woman films perv and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Buddy_Love

    Can you imagine the level of customer service you’ll get from a laid off employee working for free? I have days where I don’t wanna do shit and I’m still getting paid

  2. ValC.

    Hey Rod and Karen. Nice to hear you guys talk about Native Americans this episode. It’s so rare to hear people talk about natives, anytime someone does, I feel like someone’s talking about me. It’s weird for me to use the term “native american” because I always just say” Indian” though I appreciate that Rod explained that as a misnomer on another episode. I guess I’m just too much of a rez (reservation) Indian for that. I’m an American Indians studies major so I know a lot of indian academics and I feel like it’s kinda white of them to be all “Native American Indians” and “American Indian Natives” I’m like “no, they messed up and I want to put it in their faces.” I’m a red till I’m dead reservation Indian. As far as food and resturants go, do you know all the questions you would get all day from white tourists like “what did you guys eat for christmas before the settlers came?” (there was no such thing as christmas) or “are you guys gonna pray over our sacred leftovers?” (nah just tip the waitress). Some “Native Americans” would probably see it as a “learning moment” but I am not here for that mess.On another note, I never heard that “go forth my son” or whatever song. But being a bad Indian, I happen to like those kind of songs in a way. Besides powwow music, the only songs i know about Indians are those weird stereotyped songs. My favorite of all time though has to be “Running Bear” by Johnny Preston. It’s a guilty pleasure, terrible secret because not only does the music turn strangely sexy during the chours but Running Bear happens to be on of my friends last names. Anyway, I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of you guys and this is my favorite podcast and the only reason I will keep my fb account activated during the election season is the fb group. I feel you guys have curated a great group of people and I’m glad to have found you guys. Love ya. -ValC.

  3. LeslieMac

    Thanks Rod & Karen for raising the issue of the lack of humanity afforded to incarcerated & formerly incarcerated folks. It has been a big issue for me for years as I started my personal activism work lobbying & campaigning for bail & parole reform in NJ. Doing that work I learned quickly that most people take humanity out of the equation when it comes to incarcerated folks.

    I had an ah-ha moment courtesy of a psychologist friend of mine who is frequently asked in court “what does XYZ’s criminal record say about them?” His standard reply: “Nothing. It tells me nothing about them. The rate & circumstances at which PoC are incarcerated makes that data useless.”

    It really struck me, it IS meaningless data. A corrupt, broken & racially unjust criminal justice system makes it meaningless. Yet society continues to apply the same old assumptions to those who are or have been in prison. Anyway – thanks again for continuing to bring up the need for compassion & humanity for people in jail & coming out of jail.

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