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1072: Love and Zombies

Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler and Merritt Weaver as Denise - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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Rod and Karen discuss the latest strife on Mizzou’s campus, then we recap The Walking Dead and finally wrap it up with some Ben Carson news.

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  1. ariedee

    Had a Hallelujah moment and almost got up and shouted at my desk during the comments about the situation at Missouri at the beginning of the episodes. So many people, including Blacks, missing the point, Hopefully, these students and their supporters aren’t swayed by the outrage and opposition. Shit needs to change there and most other schools (HBC or PWI). Those who don’t like that idea should just get used to being mad because people won’t stop demanding equal treatment and representation just because it makes some uncomfortable.

  2. hirojashibe

    First off I want to say if Glenn is alive I will only accept it if the show does a full perspective of a person turning into a zombie. Something that we have not full transformation just hints of what people go through for example Tyreese. Because of this delay of not reveling Glen’s fate by the shows creators narratively speaking it is coming really close to “Jumping The Shark” territory right now.

    Unfortunately once again this Ep highlights how woefully unprepared the Alexandrians are to the “Real World” even with many of them making efforts to prepare and “Man Up” .I think a whole lot of more people are going to die, including our some from the main cast, before any level of normal ass kicking Zombie force is assemble.

    SideNote: This pop up in my Twitter Feed: For the next Democratic Debate In Iowa #Demdebates . Look at that another #Dem… has happen ,The Black Guy Who Tips stills got it….. effecting the political landscape and changing a Nation. You are not a one hit wonder Rod. Have a Great Sat 🙂 I hope this comment made you laugh this time Karen, because it is the only reason I write them. 🙂

  3. Luckedout

    When Aaron announced his part in the Wolves attack, I think it was more than noble. He used up his political capital to save Alexandria. If they had turned on Rick, a lot of extras wouldn’t make it to another episode.

    He said Daryl wanted to keep looking for people, but that *He* wanted to get the supplies instead. It made me wonder how many of the Alexandrians are there because of him. David (bit guy in 3rd episode) and Betsy (suicide walker) were brought in by him. And how many of them are asking for a Pasta Maker and enjoy what he scrounges for the Pantry?

    While Heath and Deanna’s son, Aiden, had their own crews, I haven’t seen them be very effective and they suffered heavy losses. Heath’s the only one still standing.

    Just before Aaron spoke up, he looked at his boyfriend to gather strength because he was running a risk at being targeted. He’s already kind-of an outsider, since last season he didn’t go to the dinner party and I don’t recall him being friendly with anyone except Rick’s crew.

    Although, he’s useful and the Alexandrians’ enabler. If less than 24 hours have people ready to raid their supplies, they’re going to want scouts to stock up once the walkers get handled. Too many of them have to know they’re too soft to try to get it themselves.

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