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1075: Terrorizing Muslims


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Rod and Karen discuss Obama’s latest black moment, people coming for Muslims in the wake of attacks in Paris, Sarah Palin, Gwen Stefani caught her husband cheating, Charlie Sheen, insecure diner, Vitter mistress, consent class, NYPD officer lies about photog’s arrest, Miley, Black coffee, caffeinated peanut butter, Mo’s bows, BallerAlert, armored car thief, hot chocolate mama, attack on elderly boyfriend and sword ratchetness.

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  1. ariedee

    All this Muslim hate and rhetoric, especially the people cosigning the bullshit (people of color, non-christians, lgbt) has really pissed me off and scared me. It seems like some are so relieved they aren’t the focus of hate they are willing to watch while others are marginalized. It’s hearthbreaking. That’s really the only word fitting of the emotion i experience as I read the stories and watch this play out in real-time.

    That student who was upset about the consent class at his school is a dumbass. I’m so glad he’s confident in his understanding of consent, but a lot of people need help. And even those who “know” what consent is need help because it’s an issue way too often. I’m not even confident that victims of abuse or assault understand it fully.I’ve heard stories that have sounded like rape or at least a violation of boundaries to me and the people relaying the tales seemed unphased. So yeah, everybody needs an education on consent, early and often.

    And in conclusion fuck Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, and Ben Carson.

  2. EvieE

    It really hurts my heart to see how Muslims are being treated. I even hear this from friends and family members. I don’t understand anyone being so bigoted but the fact that this rhetoric can come from marginalized people as well makes it ten times worse. I think some people want to feel better about how they fit in society and if they believe they are above another group that makes them not so bad. But the truth is, the way this country works, people who are not white, straight and christian are all looked down upon. We’re pitted against each other because what would really scare the powers that be is if we all rise up together. But that will never happen as long as there’s one marginalized group who thinks their better than another.

  3. Sista_Soulja

    When y’all played the CNN news story on Paris I was already preparing myself for some fuck shit to be said. But when that news anchor asked why didn’t that Muslim man nor the Muslim community warn the people of France about the attacks, my jaw dropped to the motherfucking floor. The first thing I thought was “BIIIIIIITCH!”

    I really don’t know how that man held it together. I wanted to fight the air. I TRULY cannot understand for the life of me how people have convinced themselves that all Muslims are talking to each other about blowing shit up and killing people. Like did you talk to your white/British/anglosaxon brethren about the horrible crimes they were about to commit??? Why didn’t you stop them???

    I was just reading that there are almost 2 billion Muslims in the world. So they all know each other, huh?

    And brother Ben Carson talking about Syrians Refugees are rabid dogs????

    I just can’t. I can’t.

    Anyway, I’m lucky to have this podcast and the Facebook group as my outlet. Y’all really keep me sane in the fucked up world.

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