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1086: Samn


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Rod and Karen discuss the latest mass shooting, recap the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Luckedout

    About the Mass shootings, I’ve noticed that when the same arguments about a violence culture is applied to white males as they did urban youth, suddenly the conversation is moved on to another topic or they just don’t acknowledge it. It’s like you had mentioned about open-carry. Same rules don’t apply. It’s so frustrating that the hypocrisy is ignored by the same people who rally against #blacklivesmatter, citing attacks by “leftist media”. It’s not about what’s right, but who’s “right” in the argument.

    When you had mentioned about Ron’s statements about Enid being so possessive, I got a flashback to Shane. I think Ron is Carl’s Shane and will be dogging him the same way (if he survives the next episode). Besides seeing Glenn give people chances, how much did Carl know about the triangle between his parents and Shane, and how Rick handled it? Carl might even subscribe to the whole “why kill people that will end up getting themselves killed soon” that Rick has about Alexandrians. I’d even include Father Gabriel in that sentiment when Rick told him “Yeah, I know” before they headed into the herd.

    Love the podcast, you had me laughing during my lunch break.

  2. Minerva8843

    The one question that had me buzzing was Deanna’s question to Michonne: “What do you want for yourself?”

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