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1087: Battle of the Booties


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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. TanyaW42

    Finally listened to the latest Medium Talk, wow. Two things:

    The dude was all high and mighty until adultery was brought up, and then he was all like, “Well, there are worse things than adultery.” What the hell????

    And it was so strange that he kept calling Rod “Rodimus” or “Rodimus Prime” throughout the discussion, who the hell calls someone by their Twitter handle when talking with them on the phone? Especially since this douche should know Rod’s gov’t name if he actually listens to the show.

  2. politicking

    My fellow Detroit sister Ms. Smart is correct. Only someone who grew up in Detroit can understand the Detroit exotic dancing scene circa 1980’s/early 1990’s. The Scene/New Dance Show was every single thing and Watts Club Mozambique was quintessential Detroit. Those commercials came on after school during the show and on Saturday afternoons. I remember hearing rumours that one or two of the New Dance Show dancers were also exotic dancers by night. The clubs were quite popular with the people of Detroit. We were pioneers with the idea of charging people to celebrate alongside ‘celebrities’ at their birthday parties.

  3. think_p_smart

    1. Whenever y’all want me back for the review, lemme know.
    2. Mr. Spann is a huge traitor. All Detroiters take an oath that we won’t speak of Watts Mozambique, Henry’s Palace, or any of the other ‘classically Detroit’ establishments, with people not from Detroit.
    3. Do the commercials look ridiculous? Yes. But name me something Black and ridiculous that isn’t LIT. I’ll wait…You can’t!
    4. Those commercials used to come on during The Scene, (which later turned into The New Dance Show and available on YouTube). These were Detroit’s version of Soul Train and they were glorious.

  4. mhectic

    “Dat ‘rism” at 1:07:54: Ummgph!

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