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1090: Musical Chair Of Privilege


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Rod and Karen discuss Gay News,Chipotle, Fox wants your kids to attack active shooters, Toys R Us shoot out, Ava doll, Raven Symone didn’t like The Wiz Live, Michele Fiore, TX can’t ban Syrians, Farrah Abraham accused James Deen of rape, US gov doesn’t drill on tribal sacred land, Roots Miniseries, Norman Reedus bitten in real life, Harvard and Princeton do away with “Master” title, graduate can’t get job because of her braids, Chicago pastors prays for whites to repent, Tamir Rice articles has comments shut down, police officer puts gun to black man’s head, BallerAlert, burglar eaten by gator, teen goes in the chipper, chainsaw burglar, man robs bank and sword ratchetness.

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  1. bamil73

    I loved Rod’s rant about how people are now realizing how dangerous Trump is. Since he announced his candidacy by calling Mexicans rapists, I have been astounded by how many otherwise intelligent seeming people have called him a breath of political fresh air because he “speaks his mind” and “tells us how it is”. This fall I had decided to give SNL a chance at a shot in my DVR, for the first time in about 8 years but was not having that Trump episode. Pure fuckery. I generally dislike when non-entertainers host, but this went beyond awkward. I could not watch that shit. Even JL Cauvin who is a comedy absolutist is re-examining whether or not to keep doing his amazing Trump impression because, as he said, do you want to be that guy who in 1939 was doing a flawless Hitler impersonation? I did have a gripe with the rant though. By doing it just before baller alert, you ensured that there were a lot of dry vaginas and soft penises going into that groupie tale.

    On the Syrian refugee issue, I find it amazing that an elected official would go on a public forum and talk about shooting refugees in the eye. That is fucking bananas. At least Canada is going in a more progressive direction. Our new prime minister is sticking to campaign promises about bringing in more refugees and he has more autonomy in our system of government that President Obama has in the US. This anti-Muslim shit goes hand in hand with that newspaper shutting down the comments sections for those Tamir Rice articles. Remember when Kanye’s lyric went, “racism still alive, they just be concealing it”? He got to change that shit because nobody is concealing it any more. They just don’t call it racism. Most racists are like “How dare you call me a racist. I mean I hate niggers and think they’re inferior in every way, but I’m not racist…that’s just hurtful for you to say that”.


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