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1093: Average Ass Abigail Fisher


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Rod and Karen discuss Anita documentary, Winter On Fire documentary, Lark Voorhies threatened with sex tape leak, OMG profiled at airport, restaurant stowaway, cohabitating, Holtzclaw was under investigation before arrest, woman loses gun license, police shoot man in back on camera, more Americans attacking Muslims, Abigail Fisher, Michelle Obama bars, BallerAlert, cop’s wife steals presents, breast therapy and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Chloe

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    i previously worked for a major music festival and my job was to work with int’l artists through the visa process and be on call for problems like these. Customs does weird shit like this all the time. Many int’l artists come on tourists visas because entertainer visas are thousands in fees, lawyers, and take months, maybe years to get. However, tourist visas means that they cannot get paid, and will be banned from the country if anyone suspects they receive compensation. One of my Korean artists was stopped for being a possible ‘ terrorist threat’ when in reality, they suspected he was getting paid for his performances and wanted to interrogate him.

    Also, 8 members is nothing! South Korea’s most famous group, Girls’ Generation had 9 members, Japan’s best-selling group, AKB48 has 48 active members, and a new group with 101 members in South Korea just debuted.

  2. EvieE

    I remember the Clarence Thomas Confirmation hearings and just remembered thinking that I hope he gets nominated because he’s a black man. That’s all I saw. I didn’t stop to think about Anita Hill and what he did to her. I was a teenager then but I still hadn’t learned that all our skin folk ain’t our kin folk and this bastard is a piece of shit. I remember reading an article recently about how his basic ass wife had the white audacity to say in an interview that its time for Anita Hill to apologize. Most likely because she can’t believe her man could possibly have been attracted to that negresss. Anita Hill is a beautiful accomplished woman and what Clarence Thomas did to her and got away with will always be a travesty, which brings me to the queen of all basics, Abigail Fisher.

    That bitch is the representation of every white person who gets upsets when a black person surpasses them even though said white person isn’t as qualified as that black person. She will forever be angry at life and blame the blacks for her shortcomings. Fuck her.

    On a lighter note the size of that group OMG is nothing compared to some of the K pop groups. There’s a group called super junior with 12 members and another group in Japan with 140 members. I would hate to split royalties with all those people.

  3. btouch

    Bands that play instruments clearly excepted, I think American vocal groups topped out at seven members. That would be the number of members The Temptations had when they were on their reunion tour in 1982 (and when they did “Standing on the Top” with Rick James).

    I can’t imagine being in a group of eight like those OMG girls. What if they had someone like Pebbles as their manager? They’d end up having to split a hamburger and a small fry eight ways for dinner before each show.

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