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SMR 75: Concussion

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Rod and Justin discuss Will Smith’s latest attempt for Oscar Gold playing an Nigerian brain doctor. Did we love it?! Or did we not? Find out by listening to this episode!

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    I think the worst thing about this movie being promoted as something meant to penetrate the hypocrisy of the NFL, was seeing some promote it as it being a sports version to 1999’s The Insider (which only made $28 million vs a $80 million dollar film). Will Smith tried too hard to stick with an accent that felt incomplete. I found it hard to believe his betrayal as Dr. Emalu, it felt phoned-in. I did enjoy Gugu’s performance, however (She was the best thing about the film). The actors portraying the NFL athletes were fine, but I ultimately didn’t care about the production, considering, Sony caving to the NFL. People are better off watching the Frontline documentary League of Denial again, the book based on the show or both. Just a wack film & a missed opportunity all together.

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