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PG 25: Pre-Gaming

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Hey remember that episode of Balls Deep where Rod and Justin were drunk? Well this is the story of how Rod and Justin quickly arrived to the state of drunkenness that you heard earlier. We discuss Trae The Truth, Justin’s Christmas Trip, Holidays, speaking languages, Kanye’s new song, Rod and his many online beefs and LHHNY. 1/1 Episode of Balls Deep

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    This Pre Game episode was the TRILLEST. Rod I could feel the rage inside as you read Cat Dude’s email about why Chris Rock was wrong . Chris Rock defended black women and you support that, so obviously you need a talking to from a white man. I love how confident people are online when they have animal or egg avatars. Didn’t this dude say he’s a comedian but to not mention his name because he’s caught up in something? Then maybe you don’t need to be policing other people’s tweets and keep quiet on these twitter streets bruh. I’ve been seeing it for a while now but its fucking AMAZING how many white women want black women features. JTrill was right about white men loving black women features but still want to pop off if you actually support a real-life black woman. What in the hell? And did this boy actually define “trillest”. Fuck that dude for missing the whole point, wanting to still argue, and then still wanting to remain anonymous. Great episode once again, yall should drink more often but have a lil more ginger ale on hand.

    On a side note, I got all the men in my family drinking Larceny during the holidays. That company needs to write yall a check.


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