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1140: Fetty Carl


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Rod and Karen discuss episode 9 Of Season 6 of The Walking Dead “No Way Out”, Killer Mike and sword ratchetness.

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  1. stylenosh

    Rod playing Nat Turner rebellion music as he read that last email and Karen laughing in the background was everything! You two are too funny.

  2. EvieE

    I think Ron was trying to kill Rick because the camera panned to Rick after Ron said, “you”. I am so glad Ron is gone.
    That letter at the end was a huge what the fuck. That guy must have watched the boxset of Eyes on The Prize before writing that email to you for the feedback portion. Damn, I don’t think I ever want to be that woke.

  3. Luckedout

    Besides the Glenn clusterfuck, I’m sure Valentine’s affected the ratings. Kinda hard to keep it romantic if your SO isn’t into the show. Next episode’s ratings would show a better trend.

    Since so many kids have died, Carl is going to have very few peers in his generation if he lives into adulthood. I believe his sister will have more if Carol doesn’t low-key traumatize baby minds.

    Last year, the Wolves were taking prisoners, which Carol copied with Morgan and Gabriel.

    I’m not surprised that the Wolf helped Denise. While Morgan had given the wolf a sermon which felt patronizing (I got better, so you should too), Denise is the first to have more of a two way conversation and show him understanding (you’re broken). Which now that I think about it the Cheese monk and her both had psych degrees.

  4. Lauren in Pittsburgh

    I think Ron was aiming at Rick, which makes sense since Rick killed both his parents and let his little brother die. His gun went wide when Baechonne stabbed him, and it was quite a bit off his original aim when he fired.

    God damn I was happy to see that junior psycho die.

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