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1144: Dr. Love


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Rod and Karen discuss Beyoncé news, little girl cries when she finds out Obama is leaving office, Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap, Ray-J and Princess go on Steve Harvey, Rihanna gets another number one song, Netflix and relationships, Peter Liang rallies, the Underground Railroad experience, Dr. Love, serial flasher nabbed and sword ratchetness.

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  1. sugahbabe

    I love that Formation is now the official tune for Beysus news. I usually save your podcast (the best) for last. I was almost at the end of This American Life episode and the reporter asked the interviewee if he had watched the SuperBowl and seen Beyonce. Then. Then! They closed the show out with Formation!
    I see you Ira Glass.

    Then I switch to this episode and more Formation!

    And I really thought I had taken this Yonce thing too far and was ready to check into a facility because when I drove outta my house, I saw a sign on a bus that said FORMATION and I was certain it was a sign from Queen Bey herself. I looked to the sky yo see if there were bees. I was ready to follow that bus!

    It then occurred to me that I’m in Montreal and FORMATION actually means training in French.
    Oh well, it was great thinking that for a moment, I thought it was the rapture featuring Queen Bey.

    *twirls on haters*

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