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OSR 15: Jessica Jones

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Rod and Leslie from The Interracial Jawn Podcast discuss season one of Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Leslie’s Podcast

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  1. BlueCat04

    I enjoyed listening to your review of “Jessica Jones.” Leslie from “The Interracial Jawn” podcast was a great guest host. I agree that this Marvel show had great writing and interesting flawed characters. Krysten Ritter was great! I really appreciated the strong female characters, in general. That said, I want to see more of Malcolm’s character in the next season. I would also like to see another great villain. Kilgrave was one of the best villains I have seen in a while. Leslie’s comments about self agency and quality female characters was spot on. The show tackled addiction, abortion, child abuse, PTSD, and other issues with so much gravitas for a “super hero” show. I loved it! I can’t wait until Season 2! Great critique!

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